Are you a family member, partner or friend of someone who has been sexually abused?

If so WestCASA can provide support to you.

Finding out that someone you care about has been sexually abused can be devastating.

You may experience a range of conflicting feelings.

It might be hard to stop thinking about what you have been told.

Many people feel helpless to know what to say or what to do that will make a difference.

WestCASA provides information, support and counselling to non-offending family members, partners and friends of individuals who have experienced sexual abuse.

Support is available over the telephone by calling the Intake Worker Monday – Friday on Ph: 9687 5811.

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Term 2

Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Women only classes

Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Women only classes have begun for term 2. This is an 8 week course but women are welcome to attend on a casual basis. Term 2 runs from Monday 24th April until 19th June. The course runs on Mondays between 1:30 – 2:30pm.

 If you have experienced any kind of trauma in your life and are looking for a safe and gentle way to support healing and connection with yourself and your body, feel free to give Clare a call and discuss the program in more detail. Below is the flyer with more information (click to enlarge).


WestCASA is committed to the safety of all children in the community. We recognise our specific legal and duty of care obligations to mitigate the risk of harm to young people aged 12 to 18 years who use our service directly and younger children as siblings and family members of adult service users. WestCASA has systems, policies and processes that ensure we are a child safe organisation.