Have you recently been sexually assaulted?


How WestCASA can help

Counselling to help you deal with your feelings about what has happened and any concerns or problems you may have because of the assault.

Information about common difficulties people experience after an assault and how to manage these.

Information about your legal options.

Assistance with the legal process such as liaising with police, preparing to be a witness and organising support for you in court.

Referrals to doctors who are sensitive to the needs of someone who has been sexually assaulted.

Counsellors who will listen, believe and support you.



Trauma Sensitive Yoga For Women

Yarraville Yoga Centre offers a women-only yoga course for survivors of trauma. The emphasis in a trauma sensitive yoga class is to create a safe, predictable and non-judgmental space in which survivors can look into, explore and befriend their bodies again.

New 8 week course held on Mondays at 1.30pm starts on 29 January.
Contact Claire Pritchard on 9687 4418.

This class is supported by WestCASA.

We want you to know in advance that WestCASA is growing and changing in early to mid 2018.

We will continue with our Footscray and Melton locations and now have a new location in Hoppers Crossing.

Hoppers Crossing will be our main office and we will be part of a Multi Disciplinary Centre (MDC) with other agencies responding to family violence and sexual assault.

We will be joined by Victoria Police Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT) and Family Violence Units, a Family Violence Service, Child Protection, Gatehouse Children’s Sexual Assault service and a Community Nurse.

If you are currently seeing your counsellor at Footscray or Melton, that will continue unless you wish to change locations – you are most welcome to come to the MDC.

Our Wyndham Vale and Hoppers Crossing clients will be able to come to our new location at the MDC in Hoppers Lane, Hoppers Crossing.

We are not sure of the exact date yet, but we will keep you posted.

Please talk to your counsellor if you have any questions.

WestCASA is committed to the safety of all children in the community. We recognise our specific legal and duty of care obligations to mitigate the risk of harm to young people aged 12 to 18 years who use our service directly and younger children as siblings and family members of adult service users. WestCASA has systems, policies and processes that ensure we are a child safe organisation.