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Strength to Strength Group

The Strength to Strength Group is an eight week supportive and informative group for women who have had multiple experiences of family violence and/or sexual assault in their lives.

In working through the 5 steps of the Shark Cage® framework, you will learn how to identify the characteristics of healthy relationships, learn about the impacts of trauma, how to manage strong emotions, develop assertiveness skills and build your sense of empowerment. You will also develop tools to help you heal and create a new, strong, positive sense of self and your rights.

Who is the group for?

Strength to Strength recognises diversity and supports inclusiveness. We welcome cis and trans women, and those who identify as gender non-conforming. The group will potentially be helpful to all individuals who personally relate to the experience of abuse as women.

The Strength to Strength Group will run in early 2022, dates yet to be confirmed. We are not accepting referrals at this time.