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Training & Community Education

Community Education

WestCASA provides information sessions to a variety of community services and schools. This includes information about definitions of sexual assault, prevalence, understanding the services WestCASA offers and making referrals.

Professional Training

WestCASA’s Professional Development & Training Program aims to meet a range of education needs in the field of sexual assault and trauma. This program is highly relevant to workers from a variety of fields who want to develop their knowledge of sexual assault and how to respond appropriately to victim/survivors. It is also relevant to experienced counsellors who wish to develop specific skills or a deeper knowledge in their sexual assault counselling expertise.

We offer half and one day workshops that are evidence based, practical and interactive. Training is offered at a reasonable rate and is negotiable.

If you have a specific requirement we will develop a program tailored to your needs.

We also have some ready-to-go programs that were developed as a response to regular requests from the field:

  • Responding to Sexual Assault: An introduction.
  • Working with Families impacted by Sexual Assault.
  • Connections: Ongoing counselling with adult survivors of childhood sexual assault
  • When Offender Behaviour becomes the Survivor’s Reality: Using this knowledge therapeutically.
  • Vicarious Traumatisation: Building professional longevity in trauma work.
  • The Shark Cage: Metaphors to build resilience in re-traumatisation.

Organisations, individuals or teams are invited to consider and discuss training options that are relevant to their circumstances with WestCASA staff.

Professional Supervision

WestCASA provides clinical supervision to a variety of helping professionals who work with clients who have experienced recent or past sexual abuse. Supervision sessions can be arranged as a one off specialist consultation or on an ongoing basis.

Supervision can be provided to groups or individuals.

Staff providing supervision are experienced supervisors who have extensive training and experience in trauma counselling. Staff come from a variety of professional backgrounds such as social work, and psychology with particular interests and training in gestalt, narrative, family therapy, sensory-motor and EMDR therapies.