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Counselling Services

How WestCASA can help:

  • Counselling to help you deal with your feelings about what has happened and any concerns or problems you may have because of the assault.
  • Information about common difficulties people experience after an assault and how to manage these.
  • Information about your legal options.
  • Assistance with the legal process such as liaising with police, preparing to be a witness and organising support for you in court.
  • Referrals to doctors who are sensitive to the needs of someone who has been sexually assaulted.
  • Counsellors who will listen, believe and support you.


Dame Phyllis Frost Centre – Specialist Trauma Service

WestCASA has provided an outreach sexual assault counselling service to women in the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (DPFC) since 2006.

This new service is a Specialist Trauma Service (STS) and is the first of its kind in DPFC. This was made possible due to increased funding from the Department of Justice, following recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.


Healing Trauma through Body-Based Practice

WestCASA offers Trauma-Informed Yoga and Trauma-Informed Shiatsu to our clients.


WestCASA Group Programs

Towards Healing Support Group An 8 week support group for cis men who aged 18 years and over who have experienced sexual abuse at any time throughout their life.

* Currently accepting referrals.

Women Gathering An 8 week group for adult women who are interested in coming together to explore growth and moving on from childhood sexual assault.

*No current groups running.

Strength to Strength An 8 week group for women who have experienced family violence and sexual abuse in their lives.

* No current groups running


Support for Partners, Friends and Family

Learning that someone you care about has been sexually abused can be devastating and you may experience a range of conflicting feelings.

It might be hard to stop thinking about what you have been told and many people feel helpless to know what to say or what to do that will make a difference.

WestCASA provides information, support and counselling to non-offending family members, partners and friends of individuals who have experienced sexual abuse.


Training & Community Education

WestCASA provides information sessions to a variety of community services and schools. This includes information about definitions of sexual assault, prevalence, understanding the services WestCASA offers and making referrals.


Client Information Booklets

WestCASA Client Information Booklets in English, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Punjabi and Vietnamese in PDF format.

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WestCASA aims to both facilitate the recovery and healing of victim/survivors of sexual assault and work toward the elimination of sexual violence in society.
The service vision is for a world where everyone lives free from the fear of sexual violence.