Personal reflections on the impacts of counselling

If you are considering whether or not counselling at WestCASA might be right for you, it may be helpful to hear from others who have already made that step…

Counselling at WestCASA:

“I liked the techniques the counsellor has given me to manage nightmares and intrusive thoughts.

I am now able to recognise that I am living in the present and I can overcome the effects of my experience.”

“It’s at my own pace, nothing is pushed.”

“…it gave me a chance to say what I’m feeling without feeling judged.”

“I liked the way I was attended to, the attentive and listening pattern of my counselling.

I do love the way I was given little encouraging cards to lighten my moods, the techniques of talking about other things to ease the mood at times and the fact I was treated as part of the family, the yoga and relaxation methods I learnt is also part of it.”

“It was great. It was insightful. I felt safe.”

“I was able to access the help I needed free of charge.”

“It’s wonderful to have a counsellor who really understands the impact of sexual assault.”

Benefits of Counselling:

“I don’t let people treat me with disrespect. I speak up when something doesn’t feel right. I am a more present mother with my children.”

“I don’t let people treat me with disrespect. I speak up when something doesn’t feel right. I am a more present mother with my children.”

“…I am more forgiving of myself and don’t feel as ‘broken’. I also respect myself and think I am starting to reintegrate my body with my mind.”

“I am no longer having thoughts of suicide. I am no longer experiencing anxiety and depression. My life has improved beyond anything I could have imagined…”

“…I am aware of the impact that…sexual abuse had on my life and my identity. I am more protective of who I am as a person and find it easier to say ‘no’ to things I am uncomfortable with. I have grown as a person and I am more aware of who I am separate from the abuse I experienced.”

“Feeling stronger and more capable….”

“I feel like counselling effectively saved my life. Not in the literal sense, but in the fact I now have so much more control (understanding) over my feelings, that it has improved almost all areas of my life.”

“….the most significant is my level of self-care and respect.”

“Compared to when I started so many things have improved. I’ve realized just how severely my childhood abuse impacted my world. I now am starting to make choices, not unknowing reactive decisions based on my past. So much has changed for me and I’m so grateful.”

“I appreciate the counselling now because I now… know I can overcome the experience to live a better life.”